MONDAY, JULY 29 | 2024


1-Day Live Demo "Look and Learn"


Welcome to Hybrid Balayage! This incredible collection stays true to MOB's goal of delivering better results, faster.

By leveraging both modern balayage and blonding techniques, stylists can quickly transform their clients in one masterful session.


Karla B.

"MOB has changed my approach to all color. I’ve been in the industry for 28 years and have learned so much. Never been more excited to get back to work!"

Jenny G.

"I've really enjoyed this education. It was mostly easy for me to understand and follow and I was surprised by the results I could achieve with out over thinking it."

Erin M.

Understanding the WHY behind balayage was always confusing to me, but the educators explained it so well and were super supportive and excited to help.


Improve Your Skills In An Immersive Environment.

Our expert trainers make learning easy, so that stylists of ALL skill levels, from student to seasoned pro, can confidently adopt and apply the techniques the very next day.

With personalized attention, our MOB Experts will unlock your talents and guide you to the next level.

Learn Our "No Secrets" Approach.

With NEW ideas, NEW techniques, and NEW placement patterns, nothing is ever held back.

You'll witness every transformation from start to finish, absorbing each painted stroke in an intimate setting.


A Memorable Day Of Ah Hah Moments.

Shine as an expert in creating high-impact color to make all your balayage pop.

Learning our less is MORE approach, your work will be better, faster, and more consistent... worthy of charging a high-ticket price.


Daily Schedule

  • 9:00a- 11:30a (Demo Session 1)
  • 11:30a - 12:30p (Lunch)
  • 12:30p - 4:00p (Demo Session 2)

Note: Times are approximate and may vary slightly.


What To Bring

  • Pen + Notebook

  • Water + Snacks*

  • Phone/ Camera*

*A light lunch will be offered, but for those with specific dietary requirements, it's advisable to bring your own meal.

*Photography and brief video recordings are welcome, however, please refrain from capturing content that exceeds 60 seconds in duration.


Bouffant Hair Salon

2695 SW Cedar Hills Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005

Reserve Your Ticket

Hybrid Balayage Demo



9:00a - 4:00p

Learn to create scroll-stopping balayage looks in just minutes!

Give your guests the balayage looks they want, faster and more confidently than ever before. 

Ticket includes: Swag bag ($150 Value)


Masters of Balayage adopts a strict No Refund Policy for all purchases related to our live classes and workshops. *All Sales Are Final: Once a purchase is made, there will be no refunds available. Participants are encouraged to carefully consider their availability and interest before making a purchase. However, in the exceptional case of an event cancellation due to unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances such as an act of God, riots, civil disorder, rebellion, bomb threats, public health threats, or any natural disaster (excluding non-catastrophic inclement weather), Masters of Balayage reserves the right to cancel the event. If such circumstances arise and the event cannot take place as scheduled, Masters of Balayage will endeavor to provide participants with options for future events or other satisfactory solutions. Please note that this No Refund Policy is in place to maintain the integrity and quality of our programs and to ensure that we can plan and execute our events with certainty for all involved parties. Thank you for your understanding and for your commitment to your professional development with Masters of Balayage.